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June 2, 2013

Victoria Sponge for Barbara Pym

IMG_20130602_180955I successfully baked a Victoria Sponge cake in honour of the Barbara Pym centenary (and because I feel like eating one). Recipe from Nigella’s How to Be a Domestic Goddess, with fresh Ontario strawberries inside. Here’s hoping it tastes as good as it looks. And happy birthday, Miss Pym!

One thought on “Victoria Sponge for Barbara Pym”

  1. Kristin says:

    That looks delicious! Happy birthday, Barbara! I will always think of you when I’m enjoying one of her books. One of my favorite authors ever and all thanks to you.

    I hope you are hanging in there–I know how hard it gets in the end. Good luck to you and I can’t wait to see the first picture and learn her name.

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