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July 8, 2012

Changing the furniture

As you can see, we’ve been changing the furniture around here, and I’m rather ecstatic about this new arrangement. I wanted something simple and light, but to still retain my door motif. The gorgeous red door above, complete with mailbox, has come from the talented artist Patricia Storms, and the site’s design, as ever, is courtesy of Stuart. And I especially love that my footer is actually feet, those red wellingtons that were my header years and years ago. Who says that websites don’t have history?

One thought on “Changing the furniture”

  1. Looking clean, light and lovely! Change is oh-so-good.

    On an entirely unrelated note, I am off to Europe, mainly France and Italy for the rest of the summer, returning early September. Do you have any locations you want photographed? I’m thinking places mentioned in favourite books that you’ve always wondered about. I’m already checking out sites from the film ‘Amelie,’ am doing a coolio Madeline thing for my daughter’s 10th in Paris, and, of course, strolling through Florence in search of Forrester’s “Room With a View.”

    No obligation, of course, with any of this but I thought it would be kind of a fun connection. Let me know what you think.

    Kindest, Andrea

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