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April 7, 2012

Our morning with Mo Willems

Harriet with her new book.

Patricia Storms & Andrew Larsen!

Today we had the great pleasure of attending the Small Print Toronto event “A Morning with Mo Willems”, which for us was a bit like going to church. Because we love Mo Willems’ books– Elephant & Piggie, the Pigeon, Edwina the Dinosaur, Naked Mole Rat, Leonardo the Terrible Monster, and (my personal favourite) Amanda and Her Alligator.

More friends!

Harriet’s favourite, however, is Knuffle Bunny, which has so seeped into our collective family consciousness that now when we watch movies set in Brooklyn (and aren’t they all these days?), we fall over ourselves pointing out Knuffle Bunny landmarks.So it was particularly exciting that we were able to (surreptitiously) purchase a Knuffle Bunny stuffed toy today that will be a particularly fitting treat tomorrow for Easter.

Mo Willems! The actual Trixie's dad!

We also got a copy of Willems’ new book The Duckling Gets a Cookie, ran into friends, listened wrapt as we were read Mo Willems stories by the man himself– The Duckling and also the new Elephant and Piggie trumpet book. He was almost as good at reading them as I am. He answered questions, made us laugh, and all in all it was a very fine literary Saturday morning.

3 thoughts on “Our morning with Mo Willems”

  1. Beth-Anne says:

    Oh, I am so envious! My oldest son loves Knuffle Bunny and we have read all of them over and over and over again (and I am not sick of it, yet!).

    Sounds like a great event!!!

  2. Nathalie says:

    Isn’t that the litmus test of a classic: one you can read innumerable times, and still never tire of it. I am in awe of how fun he makes the early reader Elephant and Piggie books. It’s painful to listen to an early reader struggle through reading aloud, but because he gives Elephant and Piggie so much emotional range, there’s wonderful room even for the child to ham up the reading. I love him. Mo Willems for Children’s Laureate!

    1. Kerry says:

      The plush Knuffle went over very well. Willems was excellent– I wish I could have taken a photo of the look on Harriet’s face as she listened to him reading. It was delightful.

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