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September 23, 2011


At the age of 2 and one quarter and a bit, Harriet is now officially weaned, which I’m telling you now for a couple of reasons. The first is that I truly enjoying horrifying the kind of people who become horrified by the fact that I’ve breastfed for so long. The second reason is because it’s quite a milestone, and I don’t like the idea of breastfeeding having to be a private thing, business that I keep to myself for fear of horrifying somebody (except when I want to horrify someone, as previously noted), because it really is of the mundane essential stuff of life that I write about on my blog all the time. And the third reason I raise the topic here is because breastfeeding was always when I got my periodical reading done, and the loss of this reading time each day now means that I’ve got magazines piling up in my house at a terrifying rate. Plus it’s September, which means there is a new release out basically every day that I’m meaning to getting around to read, and the Victoria College Book Sale is this weekend (which is, as many of you know, the thing I enjoy in the world more than anything else at all except Afternoon Tea). So there will be books, books and more books, and now I’m a bit terrified at the prospect of my leaning tower of magazines.

3 thoughts on “Weaned”

  1. Rosalynn says:

    I was wondering how you managed to read so much!! Unfortunately, mine is way too interested in magazines for me to read while feeding her (perhaps it’s genetic?) Unless I want them crumpled beyond recognition, I have to save my periodicals for when I’m on my own so I too have a huge (and growing) stack. There are worse things, yes?

  2. melanie says:

    I’m allowed to read on my phone while nursing but that’s it. I’ve also had to sequester us in the back room for a long time while nursing because F gets much too distracted – especially if her big sister is anywhere near by (thankfully Moira leaves us alone for the most part b/c I’m usually only nursing when it is sleep/nap time). Reading actual books and nursing stopped many months ago because someone would grab them and throw them on the floor before going to to nursing. Selfish girl.

  3. Claire says:

    Oh, good for you for doing it for so long. We’re nine and a half months, and still going strong. I do a lot of reading during feeding time, so understand your sadness at losing your reading time. I liked your comment about horrifying the type of people who become horrified about breastfeeding. I know EXACTLY the type of person you are talking about…

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