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February 17, 2010

Getting Settled

Oh, I do love my new website. I love the colours, and I love the doors (which I photographed in Elora last summer), and I love my cool twitter feed in the sidebar, and my “Features” buttons. In the wider world, I love that celebrating Valentines, Family Day and Mardi Gras, and though tomorrow is the first day in three days that isn’t a holiday, my husband’s got the week off work so the fun continues– tomorrow we’re going to the AGO. Though we’re completely exhausted already, and not just because of pancakes. I now see the advantages to preparing your baby’s nursery before the baby’s birth, as opposed to, say, when the baby is eight and a half months old, because it’s an all-consuming process, and then the baby gets so mad when you’re ignoring it to screw crescent-moon light covers into the wall. The one good thing about it though is that the baby gets an awesome room completely devoid of pastels, and perhaps a bit overstimulating, but something tells me our baby would have had that anyway.

Anyway, all this to say that we’ve had nary a spare moment, but I’m almost through Nicholas Ruddock’s The Parabolist and will be posting a review very soon. And next up for me is Patrick Swayze’s autobiography, if I actually decide to go through with it. Which seems like not the best idea in a world with so many books and so little time, but if I don’t, what might I be missing??

4 thoughts on “Getting Settled”

  1. Aidan says:

    Listen, don’t feel the guilt. I say embrace the joy of skimming! Celebrity tomes are perhaps not the reads that build you up, tear you down, teach you things, blow your mind with language that flies, etc., but they CAN be read in an hour or so, and really help explain why nobody puts Baby in a corner. I say go for it!

  2. patricia says:

    If you have the time, may I make a suggestion when you go to the AGO? Ask someone who works there about getting a tour of the Grange house. It takes about 40 minutes and it’s truly worth it! And if you do take the tour, please let me know what you think…

  3. melanie says:

    Yes, we too had to make a room for Moira months after she arrived. This time, if we actually have a 3rd bedroom – I’m going to set it up so I can at least teach the little one to sleep in their crib during nap time. Or something. Who knows?

  4. Kerry says:

    I don’t know, even without her own room, I taught Harriet to sleep in her crib at nap time. Nap time we’re awesome at. Night time, not so much. I hope her own room will have her sleeping better, though I have a terrible fear it will have me running up and down stairs all night long (as our room is in the attic, and she’ll be a floor below). But who knows, indeed. Yawn.

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