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May 7, 2006

The Weekender

We went to the new bookstore this afternoon, which was wonderful because getting there involved walking through Trinity Bellwoods Park, which I always love to do. And it was wonderful, with books that were so pretty and lovely to hold, as well as those that are fine to read. The children’s section was fantastic (though devoid of Miffy, which is never good). They had lots of Drabbles however, and a whole wall of fiction that included popfic and litfic all shelved together, which is what I like to see. I ended up buying Giving Up the Ghost by Hilary Mantel, which I’ve wanted to read forever. (It’s a memoir, and I absolutely love her fiction. Plus it came recently recommended by Bronwyn, my partner in bookishness). So hurray for sunny days and book purchases. We walked along Queen Street to the Japanese grocery store, in which I indulged in my irritating habit of asking questions in Japanese that I will not understand the answer to. It’s always a bit humiliating in the end, but there is a fantastic few-second period in between me asking, “Meron-pan wa doca desu ca?” and someone looking slightly startled before answering in Japanese that is sort of like a drug to me. A socially harmful drug of course, but one that is also really quite fantastic.

Overheard from a small boy on a tricycle: “What goes up…. must come down”. “Yup,” says his mom. “So….” continues the boy, “what comes down must go up?” I didn’t catch the mom’s answer.

Friday night I was too tired to be vertical, and so I sprawled about my house and fell asleep early. We did have pizza though (with a new baking-powder crust that is delicious!). Saturday morning I was kidnapped and taken away to Brampton to help move my grandparents’s furniture to a different wing in their Springfield Retirement Castle, which was less than fun and I was there all day. However when I was returned downtown (unharmed and carrying a 24 of Labatt Blue), Stuart and I indulged in the College Street Life and went to The Big Chill on Manning for ice cream cones. Then after, we had a barbeque in our disgusting backyard with our ever-wonderful downstairs neighbour. Desiring to unwind a bit, I drank far too much of various things and was a bit of a moron, but the hotdogs were very very good. It was a fun night. And now I must go and eat some Japanese curry before I go out to work my last shift at the library (until next year, of course).

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