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February 22, 2006

The reader becomes a maniac

I’ve been very into marathon reading this year (which is why I’ve read 27 books already this year!) because I love the idea of a book in a sitting. Unfortunately I read Fight Club in one sitting last night, and it had a terrible effect upon my personality. Now I am impressionable at the best of times: I can’t watch Law and Order without becoming terribly argumentative, upon CSI the whole world is a potential crime scene, I remember walking out after “Coyote Ugly” (that in itself embarrassing) and feeling quite sure that indeed I couldn’t “fight the moonlight”. And after Fight Club, which was a foray into darkness and the dark crept under my skin, I was reasonably sure I was harboring split personalities and me cannon got a bit loose if you know what I am saying. Once I put it all down to over-susceptibility, I felt a bit better but it was still a little bizarre. I think I need to read an Archie comic as an antidote.

Today is down to laundry, essay research, rewriting my Monica Lang poem, and baking a cake for dinner at our downstairs neighbours tonight. And still counting down to the mini-break.

One thought on “The reader becomes a maniac”

  1. Jen says:

    I know what you mean about Fight Club. Chuck Palahniuk is not a happy man. I think it come from having an unpronouncable surname.

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