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November 3, 2005

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It is strange how well the Koreans and Japanese in Toronto manage to get along on Bloor Street. I mention this because Stuart explored Korea Town the other day, and his precious spoil was a box of Japanese curry. Not quite CoCoIchiban, but we sat down to such a delightful meal tonight and it was pretty close. Oishi. It managed to pull me out of a two day funk. The legacy of my despair will be a busy next few days as I make up for time spent staring at the wall and bemoaning my meagre existence. I’ve been naughty.

Timothy Garton Ash on Europe. I’ve been thinking a lot about Europe lately. I just started reading Snow by Orhan Pamuk, which is wonderful. Also a current assignment requires I read multiple issues of Atlantic Monthly from 1938 seeking articles about European politics at that time, and how little things ever change is painfully obvious.

The Guardian revisits Fear of Flying. Apparently, internet users read more! And Nancy Drew is 70.

Now I am going to be provocative. It’s National Novel Writing Month, which is ridiculous. You can’t write a decent novel in a month, and if you could you would have written one anyway. A quote I came across a few months ago: “Write less. Read More”. I’m all for (Inter)National Novel Reading Month, which would make us smarter and the world a better place. NaNoWriMo just makes the world weightier with crappy writing and people more self-absorbed. Further in provocation, I don’t think I am going to buy a poppy this year. I haven’t thought this through entirely, and whatever conclusion I come to, I won’t be completely comfortable with it. It just seems a bit hypocritical, but I have to admit I’ve only thought this since I read “Three Guineas”. We’ll see. Perhaps I’m too impressionable.

Have I mention I’ve been Drabbling? “The Peppered Moth”. It was good, but still not of her Golden Age. Anyhow, I’m finished it now.

Back to marking.

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