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August 28, 2005


I’ll admit to apprehension before my cousin’s wedding, due to some rather shameful wedding inadequacy issues. It’s not that my own wedding wasn’t brilliant in every way, and come on, I did have two. But it was no secret that their wedding would be far more elaborate and formal than ours had been, I knew how much work had been invested in it and I feared how my little homespun do would look in comparison. And wow, their wedding was incredible. They were married in a little white historic chapel in a conservation area near Jordan Ontario, in Niagara. Two enormous vases bursting with sunflowers stood at the alter, and the bride and groom were gorgeous as they walked down the aisle together to exchange their vows. The reception afterwards was held at the Inn on the Twenty, where we sipped (gulped) ice wine martinis and other fine beverages and feasted on delightful hors d’oeuvres. We entered the dining room for dinner, and were met with a view high atop the edge of a valley from windows which stretched along the entirety of one wall. Outside, black eyed susans grew into every shade of greenery, hills that rolled on and on and the vista was spread out before us like something absolutely magical. The meal was simply exquisite, and our table was marvelous company. After dinner and speeches, a band played fantastic music including an acoustic rendition of “You Shook Me All Night Long” and Stuart and I drank ourselves stupid and had to be driven home by my mother. We had a fabulous time with our cousins, and I was so pleased to be getting the best of family. There just aren’t enough happy occasions really. Not that there are so many sad ones, but there are too many ordinary days and I absolutely love weddings for bringing people together to celebrate nothing more than just love. And all stupid inadequacy was gone once I just started to enjoy myself, and appreciate how lucky I was to be there. Congratulations Alec and Jackie!

This summer I learned two things about being a wedding guest. First, what a great idea it is that everyone who attends a wedding does play a part in the ceremony, as a witness to the event, and therefore is obligated to support and nurture the couple’s relationship throughout their lives. I think a wedding is so much more meaningful when that is taken into account. Secondly, that as a guest your job throughout the wedding is to assure the bride that you and everyone you around is having enormous amounts of fun, because that’s probably all she really cares about.

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