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June 21, 2005

Went to the chapel

Summer arrived in England on Saturday, just in time for our wedding. Photos are online here and we’re just thrilled with them. It was a wonderful day, more than we really allowed ourselves to wish for. We got up early, and the sky was grey. We were promised that the weather would clear when the tide turned, and it did. We were married at 11:15 am at the Blackpool Registry Office, and the ceremony was really nice. We wrote our own vows, and it was quite emotional. The only downside was the World’s Greatest Love Songs CD they kept putting on, and I kept turning off. They were blasting Percy Sledge, and then we were so close to “The Power of Love” by Jennifer Rush being the soundtrack of our marriage vows. Silence was preferable. After the ceremony, confetti was hurled, much to our amusement as the photos do attest. We went back to Stuart’s parents for lunch, the sun came out and five of our close friends joined us there with our families. We later went down to the Marine Hall here in Fleetwood to have photos taken in the park and on the beach. At five, we went to the reception venue to set up and guests began to arrive. It was a bit overwhelming to see people I hadn’t seen in ages, and really nice. The night went well- we were pleased with the buffet, everyone seemed to have a good time. After dinner, we had some beautiful speeches, and then we cut the cake. Following dessert, our first dance to “Flowers in the Window” by Travis and then onto the disco. Brian the DJ was amazing, and played all we wanted, including “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle. Stuart also requested “Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)” by Cockney Rebel, which was well received. There was an appropriate amount of Europop and “Reach for the Stars” by S Club 7 went over a hit as usual. But then things did get out of control, and though I didn’t feel drunk at the time I must have been because I did do an interpretive dance to “Winds of Change” by Scorpions. The party ended at midnight, on a high note. There were anxious good byes. We stayed the night at the De Vere Hotel, which was quite un-Blackpudlian, which one really wants on their wedding night. It was really lovely. On Sunday, we were dead tired. Had coffee in Blackpool, while reading The Observer in the gorgeous sunshine. It was too early for the gross people to be out of bed and the town seemed quite pleasant. We met friends for lunch at Pizza Hut, which was the only eating establishment we knew of in Blackpool, and which I love. By mid-afternoon, we were barely conscious and the rest of that day was a blur. Yesterday, we went to Liverpool with my mom and sister, and my family went back to Canada this morning. Tomorrow we’re off to Brighton for three days for our honeymoon and we’re bringing the champagne we didn’t drink. We intend to get drunk on the train, and I am really looking forward to fun in the Sowf. On Monday, I am choosing my courses for university, next Thursday I am moving to Canada, and then in August I get to have a wedding reception again! Charmed life, lucky me.

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