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April 13, 2005

Britney's bustin out all over

In the midst of financial freak-outs, because I am not a resident of Ontario and therefore may not qualify for govmt loans. Anyway, I think this may be big news, though only time will tell. I am currently finishing the novel I’ve been writing for a year and a half, and very pleased with the results. I’m thinking ahead to my next project, which will probably turn into my graduate thesis. I’m excited. I know the characters already. It’s going to be a little bit of 1980s Whitby suburbia, Cold War Mania, expatriate family life in the Middle East, the Revolution in Iran. It’s going to involve a ton of research and I think I am going to make something really incredible.

We said good bye to Julie tonight. Her bag weighs an absolute ton, and watching her pack was a scary glimpse into our immediate future. We must send another couple of boxed home tomorrow. How does the stuff gather? It’s our weekend again, and in view of our imminent poverty, we’ve elected to stay in town this weekend. The usual karaoke, lunch out, hang about routine. We might go to the garden at Himeji Castle, which we haven’t seen yet.

And on with the big news, though I sure you know by now. Britney is pregnant! Has Kevin Federline not heard of birth control? That man has been impregnating women at a crazy rate of late. In less idiotic news, Alice Munro is one of Time’s Most influential people. There is a Northrop Frye Lit Festival in Moncton this month. The man who is regrettingly behind the famous necropheliac duck, on being Donald, which is the name of Charles Kennedy’s baby son. Ee-na!- a summer music festival guide. A very short excerpt from my beloved Douglas Coupland’s new book on Terry Fox. And a sensible perspective on the Japanese textbook debate.

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