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April 9, 2005

Pink Poo in the Press

On the inequality of parenthood. It was an interesting story, but a bit silly and it’s tiresome to continually read the tragic plights of women the likes of whom can actually afford nannies and au pairs. I’ve never been one to knock the upper-middle class, but all the same. Also, when you marry a massively-driven-career-monster, you can’t really be surprised when he opts out of household chores. Disappointed, yes but what were you expecting? I did love the woman in this story who has gladly accepted full responsibility for household matters while her husband works, and has given up most of her life to do so. Her child is three! Call her in ten years and see if she’s still so content, even with her daytime home help.

In more women-sans-choice news, Hillary Rodham Clinton goes to war to fight the troglodytes for the Morning-After Pill’s availability. May she filibuster vigilently.

Fantastic! An interview with Margot Kidder. She describes Pierre Trudeau as a “great lover” and George Bush as “a monkey”.

George Elliott Clarke reviews Red Silk: An Anthology of South Asian Canadian Women Poets.

On the fantastic Takashi Murakami art show in New York. This article focuses particularly on Chinatsu Ban’s Central Park exhibit, VWX Yellow Elephant Underwear/ HIJ Kiddy Elephant Underwear, which as an elephant-lover I’m obsessed with. Today at work we had a conversation on how the pink pile of elephant poo, spotted with hearts, was very cute, and then we realised we’d been in Japan too long.

One thought on “Pink Poo in the Press”

  1. Carolyn says:

    I actually just saw Margo Kidder at a play at the Taragon Theatre in Tornto.

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