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What students are saying about The Art of Blogging at the University of Toronto

“I really enjoyed how Kerry tied the art of blogging to other art forms—literature, visual art, etc—and encouraged us to see blogging as part of a larger context. Was engaging and thought-provoking.”

“This course was exactly what I needed to get going with my blog.”

“A worthwhile course! I would recommend it to those who want to learn about blogging and all it encompasses.”

“Excellent! Very enjoyable learning experience.”

“I think Kerry did an excellent job of encouraging our individual voices and maintaining a respectful and productive learning environment. Loved the class—thanks, Kerry!”

About The Art of Blogging:

I teach “The Art of Blogging” at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. During the course, students learn about the history of blogging, and also what’s happening in the form right now in all its startling and inspiring diversity. They begin blogging as part of a class blog, launching their own blogs halfway through the course, and upon its completion, are ready to take their own blogs into the future.

Blogging Workshops

I also teach shorter workshops on blogging to large and small groups. These sessions are particularly useful to businesses or non-profit organizations whose employees or volunteers are required to blog as part of their positions.

I have taught workshops for organizations including The Association of English Language Publishers of Quebec, University of Toronto Student Life, The Wild Writers Festival in Waterloo ON, and the Canadian Educational Press Association. I would love to talk about how I can work with you! Email me at klclare AT gmail DOT com.

What people are saying about my blogging workshops: 

“I just wanted to pass along how much your workshop and talking with you meant to me. You gave me comfort in so much of what you said…. not being perfect, that your blog can be elastic (not having to narrow down to a ‘niche’), and that as long as you are doing it for joy you will continue…and hone your skills.” —Emily Prout, Arrow It Forward

“I was looking for a revised definition of blogging that embraced self-expression and authenticity, something that jived with the kernel of an idea that’s been unfolding in my mind for a few months now. Happily, that’s exactly what I got.” –Aisha Ashraf, Member of the Writers Community of Durham Region

“Thanks again for coming out on Saturday. It was a great session, and I am sure that the team learned a lot from it. I look forward to our blog becoming more “artful”.” -University of Toronto Student Life

“Seriously, I heard such good things about your workshop, the accolades are still rolling in.” —Susan Scott, The Wild Writers Festival
Contact me at klclare AT gmail DOT com to learn more.