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May 27, 2007


While last weekend was splendidly slow, this one spun so fast that it is nearly finished just as soon as it began. Friday we spent devoted to gardening. The results as follows, so that we could have a backyard almost fit to sit in when Chris and Andrea came over for a bbq Saturday night. Big big burgers, super saladas, and a perfect peach pie. Fun was had, and continued right into today, as Britt, Jennie and Deep came for brunch. Delicacies included banana scones fresh from the oven, fresh fruit, pastries, and Stuart whipping up eggs and bacon on the grill. After we walked down to Trinity Bellwoods to let the dog play, and to snap obligatory photos of the three of us, an Abbey Road-inspired shot, and later Jennie checks out the Murdermobile, and lives to tell the tale.

November 24, 2006

The Murdermobile Swept Clean

I’ve written before about The Murdermobile, the rather dodgy vehicle that parks around my neighbourhood and drives through my nightmares. But never have I been confronted with a scene as blatantly murderous as this one! Yes, now we know the Murdermobile is not self-propelled and has a driver, which is much less interesting than our original speculations, but that she-driver is no less murderous than her mobile! And I’ve captured her in this photo, equipped with a broom, obviously destroying the evidence of her latest spree!

August 31, 2006

Spare Ribs

I have been quite busy lately, mainly trying to get the first draft of my thesis project completed by September 10. This goal is distinctly possible but requires maniacal devotion for the next week or so, and that is where I will be. But on top of that, we’re quite busy at work scrambling to finish our final project before the end of the summer, I am reading voraciously, there are final days of summer to be lived inside (though bad weather the last two weekends have scuppered some of those plans, and more of the same is promised for the long weekend), and Stuarts must be enjoyed. An end-o-summer night out with my co-workers yesterday, and Katie came over for an indoor picnic on Tuesday. She brought with her my bridesmaid dress, and it looked like I will have to have some ribs out if I ever intend to actually wear it.

The Great Summer Rereading Project ends today, with A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence, which is an incredible novel. I reread The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion before that. It’s been wonderful to revisit these books, and I will do a rereading project every summer now, though only for one month from now on, as I’ll have less to catch up on. Stay tuned for more thoughts on the rereading experience, as I reflect upon them. And then I start my new Hilary Mantel tomorrow!

Terrible news times two regarding The Murdermobile. First, after a year of living in my neighbourhood, I had never seen anybody driving this most sinister vehicle. It seemed to move between parking spaces between murders on its own accord, and that was fine with me. That was a legend. And then last week, I walked past it and saw a woman inside. She was dressed all in pink, and she was strapping her baby into a child’s seat on the passenger side, and I was gut-wrenchingly disappointed. Neither pink woman nor baby appeared particularly murderous, and they sort of disproved my thesis that the Murdermobile is self-propelled. Moreover, the Murdermobile is for sale, for about $3500. It’s described as a “vintage delivery van”. I don’t know about that. In any case, the dream is over, or at least the nightmare.

(Oh, the my new Drabble is pre-ordered. Sweet anticipation!)

March 25, 2006

Introducing the Murdermobile

Word of advice, if you’ve got things to do. Do NOT pick up Volume Five of The Diary of Virginia Woolf, thinking you’ll just read it in dribs and drabs in between the more useful things you do. Don’t do it, because you’ll end up super-glue-ing the book to your palms and the whole world around you will just cease.

Otherwise, a lovely brunch this morning with my friend from Japan’s sister and her husband, only because the world is very small. And tonight a small dinner party chez us with The Girls. We splurged and bought Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison yesterday, and we love it. I am also enamoured with Jack Johnson’s video for Upside Down. You can watch it here if you do so desire.

And how sinister is this? Wouldn’t you be a bit concerned if you found it parked outside your house? We call it The Murdermobile, and it parks itself around our neighbourhood- we’ve never actually seen it in drive. There is an entire horror movie lurking within it, I suspect.

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