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July 8, 2011

E is for "Excavation"

Location: Bay Street, West Side, just south of St. Mary’s Street


April 27, 2011

S is for Science Centre

Location: Ontario Science Centre

Very exciting to venture out to Toronto’s inner suburbs today and visit The Ontario Science Centre. Partly because we get to mark off another letter in our Big City ABC project, of course. Though, sadly, Allan Moak’s illustration cannot be re-created because they’ve stopped letting kids touch that electrifying silver ball that makes your hair stand on end and maybe causes cardiac arrest. Silver ball has been replaced with the most fantastic kids play area I’ve ever seen, however, and Harriet and her friend Finn loved everything they came across (the water play area in particular) and eventually had to be removed screaming from the facility because they weren’t finished with the fun yet, but, alas, we had to get them home for nap time.

April 3, 2011

V is for Variety Store

Location: Harbord Street and Roxton Road

We’ve decided that it might be fun to create our own version of Allan Moak’s A Big City Alphabet over the next year, taking photographs in imitation of the pictures in the book (with the addition of a Harriet, of course, which Moak so foolishly forgot to include). Some of the letters will be simpler to recreate than others (I is for Island Ferry vs. H is for Horses), Y is for Yuletide and O is for October will rely on time of year, and it also means we’re going to have to visit the Science Centre and the Zoo. It should be a fun way to make a connection between Harriet, books, and this city we’re so lucky to live in. Today we took our very first shot, which was particularly easy to come by: V is for Variety Store.

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