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August 17, 2020

Pandemic Things I Love

  • the sound of neighbours’ voices and laughter drifting over the backyard fences as they sit outside on summer evenings
  • my children kicking the soccer ball outside
  • people taking up space in the street—walking, cycling, playing ball, protesting, etc. etc.
  • supporting small and local businesses
  • books delivered to my porch
  • the occasion of bin night
  • local indie bookstores putting their stock online
  • the advent of 3pm cake break
  • takeout from a local restaurant at least once a week
  • a reclaiming of public space—park benches have never been more precious
  • thanking people who move to give me room on the sidewalk
  • rainbows in windows
  • learning to be patient
  • ice cream every day
  • encouraging billboards (there is one on highway 401 near Oshawa that says, “This is hard and you are doing great.” It makes me cry.)
  • picnics in the park
  • it turned us into a family of cyclists
  • and into seasoned explorers of alleyways
  • it has forced us to re-imagine the way we live our lives, and made visible the forces of poverty and systemic racism so that those of us with privilege can’t ignore it any more.

4 thoughts on “Pandemic Things I Love”

    1. Kerry says:

      Me too!

  1. I love this too.

    You are becoming a Fika person. The 3 pm coffee break is a huge tradition in Sweden and the entire office stops for cake and coffee.

    1. Kerry says:

      It’s good for the soul!!

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