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December 20, 2018

Things I Wrote in 2018

I’m sharing this list of things I wrote in 2018, inspired by the twitter meme, partly because I’m really proud of the articles and reviews I wrote this year, of the range of topics covered, of how important and necessary it is to be telling stories like these right now. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to publish work about abortion and family life, inspiring Indigenous women, school funding, and books, books, books. As ever, I am also really grateful to be able to write about books all year long at, which celebrates Canadian writers and writing. From this work I can say unequivocally that Canadian books are amazing, and its a privilege to be part of this community as a reader and a writer.

I’m sharing this list too because it’s been over a year since my novel came out, and while the year of Mitzi Bytes was full of joy as the book went into the world, there were lows along with the highs. It was a roller coaster year, and I was never sure what the following year might have in store. So really everything good that happened writing-wise in 2018 seems like it was the sweetest surprise, which is nice to know about as I move into a 2019 that has yet to reveal what it’s all going to be.

Screenshot of article with headline "Healing the Human Spirit: Alumna Kahontakwas Diane Longboat" with photo of subject.

(My story “Happy Trails” appears in TNQ 146. 

The Chatelaine Best Books of 2018 List! 

And I’ve got a review of Claudia Dey’s HEARTBREAKTER in CNQ’s 50th Anniversary Issue! 

2 thoughts on “Things I Wrote in 2018”

  1. So proud to know you and all the amazing work you do, Kerry Clare!

  2. Joan Frances Clare says:

    Well done Kerry Clare. Congratulations.


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