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December 13, 2018

2018: Pickle Me This Books of the Year

  • The book that was a balm for my broken spirit after my democratic rights were recklessly undermined by an authoritative government during the recent municipal election
  • Not the best Kate Atkinson book ever, but even an okay Kate Atkinson book is better than most books. I LOVED IT. 
  • A book about who gets to be us and who gets to be them, and how we refuse to learn the lessons of history over and over again. 
  • So gorgeous and riveting—and so few books manage to be both. 
  • The book I was reading for six months, and could have kept reading forever
  • There was no better summer read than this one. 
  • For those who know that the inner life of a woman is the most fascinating place of all for exploration
  • Lord of the Flies turned inside out—and fascinating in terms of narrative
  • Lauren Groff has never managed to not be excellent. I love her. 
  • Essential reading for anyone who has known grief, and those who love them. 
  • The history of feminism through the history of swimming? Okay! 
  • Hauntingly beautiful. So happy to see this book get the love it deserves
  • Linked short stories inspired by Alex Colville paintings! And they’re amazing. 
  • Still not over those stories. Lisa Moore defies all expectations here, except to write really really well
  • My first Jodi Picoult novel—and I loved it
  • The book we need right now
  • The book I’ve been recommending to everyone
  • The story of a marriage and a century in a single book. SO GOOD.
  • I can’t wait until Spring.
  • A funny, poignant and original exploration of family life
  • This book is hard work, but it pays off, and is full of quiet profundities 
  • My new manifesto. 
  • Discovering the Lane Winslow Mysteries was one of the best parts of my year. I LOVED THEM.
  • Oh. feminism, and all its waves. Wolitzer is not afraid to show how complicated and glorious is the tangle
  • Imagine a world where women weren’t permitted reproductive freedom. Sounds a bit far-fetched…

4 thoughts on “2018: Pickle Me This Books of the Year”

  1. Alice Zorn says:

    Have bookmarked. Thanks!

  2. Dora Dueck says:

    You write the best 1 line lead-ins!

  3. Wonderful list and notes, Kerry. You are such a voracious and wide-ranging reader. I trust you implicitly! PS: I am in the midst of Kate Atkinson’s Transcriptions at this very moment and find I do not want to do anything else but read this smart, funny, wonderfully written book…which is a problem when I am, really, supposed to be working!

    1. Kerry says:

      Thank you, Caroline! I could read Kate Atkinson for ever and never tire of her voice.

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