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July 21, 2017

Mitzi Bytes in the World

A thing I never had sufficient appreciation for before I became an author is the the work of literary festival volunteers. I’ve attended festivals as a reader, and always had the general impression that these were the kind of events that just kind of happened. But this spring I’ve learned that they only happen because a lot of people work really tirelessly to make it so, and this was definitely the case at the Lakefield Literary Festival last weekend, which was such a pleasure and an honour to be a part of. Having grown up down the highway from Lakefield, the festival has always been on my radar, and then to be invited for an event with Zoe Whittall and Marni Jackson, whose books I enjoyed so much last summer, was utterly fantastic.

Our event was such a pleasure, and I think it wasn’t just me who enjoyed it—you can read about it here. On Saturday morning I taught a session of my blogging workshop, which was made so excellent for me by the engaged and interesting people who’d signed up to be part of it. And while that was happening, my husband and children were enjoying the children’s events. Later that day we’d all head back to the festival for the reception, with delicious food and a perfect ambiance. There were other great events going on all weekend, and we enjoyed our time at the festival so much.

In other news, the Mitzi Bytes e-book (at Kobo or Kindle) is on sale right now for 4.99 as part of Savvy Reader’s 50 Book Pledge Deal. The lovely Theresa Kishkan wrote about how Virginia Woolf haunts its pages in a gorgeous post about summer reading. And I was so happy to see the book reviewed in the Tri-City News as part of a round-up of summer reads, along with a spread of other books that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in this past while. Librarian Kathy Johnson writes, “This is a dishy and modern Harriet the Spy for an adult audience.”

2 thoughts on “Mitzi Bytes in the World”

  1. Thanks so much for the kind and lovely words about the Lakefield Literary Festival. Much appreciated by all the volunteers. We’re so pleased you could be one of our featured guests this year and that you and your family enjoyed it.

  2. Janet Trull says:

    Hi Kerry. Erica Colley suggested I connect with you. Her sister, Rachel, just married my son, Graham. I am so impressed with your beautiful literary website. What a welcoming place to learn about you and your writing. I am going to get a copy of Mitzi Bytes today. I just finished a book launch/tour (from Cobourg to Peterborough to Haliburton and Toronto/Hamilton area) for my collection of short fiction called Hot Town, so I am loving your “in the world” experiences. My editor is in Winnipeg. A long distance relationship! So it is a pleasure to see you introducing your book to the universe in such a fresh and fun way. Thanks, and take care. Janet Trull

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