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March 18, 2016

A New Canadian


One of the responsibilities of Canadian citizenship is that one takes care of one’s family, so it’s kind of fitting that Stuart missed his call to take the citizenship oath last month because he was taking care of his sick child all night long. He had to write a letter explaining the situation and requesting another date, which was today. And this time we actually made it. It was really, really lovely, 100 people from places all over the world having taken so many steps to get here—to choose Canada. (It not lost on me too that Stuart choosing Canada means that Stuart chose me; lucky, lucky me.)


For the past 10.5 years, Stuart has been doing all the things that good Canadians do—learning to skate and not even calling it ice-skate; rolling up rims; working hard and paying taxes (and receiving all the benefits that go with that, of course); shovelling snow; raising little Canadians; celebrating July 1sts; listening to the CBC; swimming in lakes; volunteering in his community; reading Canadian books; drinking Canadian beer; embracing summer long weekends; watching Heritage Minutes; talking about Drake; and rocking out to the Guess Who. As soon as our local grocery store can get it in stock, no doubt he’ll be buying crates of French’s ketchup.


“You all come from places that make beautiful art,” the citizenship judge told the new Canadians assembled, encouraging them to share that art with the rest of us, whether it’s art they create or art they’ve brought with them. “What I’m saying is, Turn Your Music Up,” she told us. (Respectful British-Canadians might sit one this out, perhaps, having shared quite enough with Canada over the centuries, if by “shared” you mean “stolen,” but alas. Though we do appreciate the Beatles.) “It makes the fabric of our nation so much better.” Since October 19, I’ve actually been a little bit proud to be a Canadian again, and I would have even sung “Oh, Canada” today along with Stuart and all our other newly fellow-Canadians, but I couldn’t because I was crying too much.

10 thoughts on “A New Canadian”

  1. theresa says:

    Congratulations to all of you! And turn up that music!

    1. Kelsie says:

      Oh, goodness, this made me all weepy. So happy for you guys. I want to be like Stuart when I grow up.

      1. Kerry says:

        I’ll be there to bake a cake when your turn comes!

    2. Kerry says:

      Thanks, Theresa! xo

  2. Keltie says:

    Congratulations, all of you. And most of all to Stuart!

    1. Kerry says:

      Thanks, Keltie!

  3. Congrats! Citizenship ceremonies are incredible and so moving. Every Canadian should go to one! Congrats to Stuart!

    1. Kerry says:

      It really was great. Thanks, Alexis!

  4. kathy says:

    as well as listening to cbc radio to be a good canadian one really must read this crazy, funny of all things…cookbook I’ve recently enjoyed. I won’t be satisfied until everyone has read it.
    A Taste O Haida Gwaii by Susan Musgrave. I actually had to leave my social call to my daughter, and pass up a bbq just so I could get home to finish reading it. Now I’m sad that it’s over. Boohoo

    1. Kerry says:

      Have heard wonderful things about this book! Thanks for recommending.

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