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October 12, 2014

Family Photos


A few weeks ago, while looking for a family photo to accompany our contribution to the 1000 Families Project, I realized that we had no such photo, and then my attempts to come up with such a photo turned out to be futile, save for the selfie that made the grade only because the smiles were real (and that’s something, least). I also started realizing that both my children at the moment are more photogenic than they’ve ever been (I am still not sorry we never did professional photos when the children were babies and looked like ALF), and the colours outside are peak gorgeous. So I booked a session with the amazing Tracey Nolan, whom we all promptly fell in love with when she showed up at our door the other day, and who managed to trick Harriet into channeling her inner-model and not pulling the wonky face she usually turns on in view of a camera lens. And oh, did we have fun, walking up and down the streets and laneways of our beautiful neighbourhood, and then the results of the session turned out to be more gorgeous than I’d dared to dream. What a wonderful record—I’m so glad we did this; we never have before, and I’d always supposed that photo sessions were a bit canned, but I think I was wrong about that. I’m so glad to have photos of me I like so much, to have photos of the four of us together, photos of Stuart and I without the children, even. Photos of us being ourselves along the sidewalks of streets that we love—it really doesn’t seem so contrived. It’s just that we’re not usually quite so attractive…

4 thoughts on “Family Photos”

  1. theresa says:

    These are great. And what a good idea — walking around your ‘hood, so naturally, and with such joy!

  2. Rebecca says:

    These are all terrific, but the third-last, with the sun-blast, is the best.

    I am in general highly in favour of professional photos. I have friends who do them with their little girl every season. These friends are of course bonkers (and rich???) but their kid is cute, the photographer talented, and everybody always looks ecstatically happy–the photos are always lovely, even if I just saw a similar set a few months ago.

  3. Kerry says:

    Thanks, everybody!!

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