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May 2, 2014

More adventures with The M Word

As my blog is useful to me both as a scrapbook and as a record, it makes sense for me to keep track of our adventures with The M Word. On Tuesday, Maria Meindl (“Junior”, also author of the book Outside the Box, a fascinating person and a very good friend) and I took the train to Burlington to take part in the Books and Authors Series put on by the excellent Different Drummer Books. This experience was terrifying on a number of levels–that I would be as far away from Iris as I’d ever been, and for the longest time; that we were reading with some impressive authors; that the event was at the Burlington Golf and Country Club with an audience of over 200 people; and I would have to read my very personal and (arguably) controversial essay in front of all of them.


The M Word on sale at the books table.

As ever, however, the terrifying points turned out to be the best ones. Iris was fine and I’m now more confident about making plans without her; the really impressive authors (Plum Johnson and Sandra Gulland) turned out to be even more impressive for their goodness of character, and their readings were wonderful to listen to; the huge audience was fantastic and they bought books; and their response to my essay was generous and exuberant. (It turns out that there are even abortions in Burlington.) It was also particularly nice to have the mothers of two good friends of mine in attendance. It’s pretty lovely that their daughters have been my friends for over 15 years, but to have the support of their moms too is a little bit like winning the friendship jackpot.


Maria reading. She was so great.

So that was so good. And now it’s May, which means that we are particularly busy approaching Mother’s Day. Next week, The M Word hits Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton and Victoria–from sea to shining great lake! And the following week on May 15th, I’m going to be part of a discussion on Feminism and Motherhood at Another Story Bookshop in Toronto. (I hope they don’t mind that I haven’t yet read my bell hooks. Everyone is a bad feminist in her own way, I suppose, and this is mine.)

And then the best thing was yesterday when I was pointed toward Dana Francour’s blog post on The M Word launch in Toronto last month. I was really grateful for her perspective, to know she’d enjoyed herself, for this wonderful record of a really special evening that was all a bit too overwhelming for me to comprehend at the time. I am also so pleased with the way that readers have connected with the book, in particular those readers who hadn’t been expecting to.


New shoes. Rainy sidewalk.

2 thoughts on “More adventures with The M Word

  1. Thank you for the mention, Kerry! Definitely connected with the snippets I heard from the book, and I can’t wait to make it the first “shared” book between me, my sister, and my mom (from one province to another!

  2. theresa says:

    Great shoes!

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