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April 30, 2014

Things About Iris at Nearly 11 Months

iris1) Very interested in dogs and squirrels. Points to them as we walk down the street, and says, “eeggh”.

2) When you ask her where something is, she answers by pointing to a photo on the wall. Doesn’t seem to understand that reality is out in the room in all three dimensions.

3) Perhaps related to above, but obsessed with baby photos of her and her sister which hang in the hall.

4) Obsessed with traffic signal buttons at intersection. Must press the button every time we cross the street. Also wants to push the button on the other side, and sometimes cries when I don’t let her.

5) Likes to throw my Mitford books (conveniently situated at Iris height) onto the floor. Debo seems to be her favourite.

6) She eats pom-poms, toilet paper, and things we bring into the house on our shoes.

7) She has just started fake-laughing when she heard others laughing. It is terribly funny.

8) Probably should have been taught baby sign language because she just screams to get what she wants, and it’s so so terrible.

9) Is very soon going to have to be bought her own ice cream cone, as she is very crap at sharing.

10) Thinks she is 4.

2 thoughts on “Things About Iris at Nearly 11 Months”

  1. Melwyk says:

    11) She is freaking adorable & apparently a great reader too

  2. Joan says:

    Yes I like that – freaking adorable!!!!!

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