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December 23, 2013

Holiday Hiatus

stockingsLast night, I finished knitting Iris’s Christmas stocking, and I am pretty happy with the symmetry of four stockings hanging by the (unworking) fire. I’ve knit these four stockings over the last eight years and hanging this last one underlines the completeness of our family now. I like this.

There has been something very different about this Christmas season. Mostly it was that December 1 represented the end of a very, very busy few months, and so instead of Advent being about the mad rush, it’s been a slow, easy time with lots of space for being together, reflecting on the season, visiting friends, cooking good food, reading books and listening to music. Stuart finished work early last week and we aren’t going anywhere for the holiday, so this time and space continues, which is such an enormous luxury. (Though as we became housebound due to ice storm, there was something of the prison about this luxury. I discovered that I actually have the capacity to be bored.) In order to create even more space, I’m taking a break from here until the new year–if you need me, I will be visiting the art gallery, spending time with family and friends, listening to Darlene Love sing “Please Come Home for Christmas”, eating from our three-tin high tower of biscuits, and reading Hermione Lee’s biography of Penelope Fitzgerald (which I have just begun–it is already astonishing, and I hope broadens my understanding of this writer whose work, to me, stubbornly remains enigmatic). I hope you have an excellent holiday and read many wonderful books. Or even just one that’s incredible.

Thank you for reading here.

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