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April 11, 2013

A Book for Baby's Library

welcome-babyI bought a book for the new baby this week, the very first book of this baby’s own. It’s Welcome, Baby, a gorgeous new board book by Barbara Reid that I’m sort of thinking was written just for our new baby. If you know Barbara Reid’s illustrations, then you already know the book is beautiful–I’m in love with the quilt on the title page. “Welcome, baby, welcome!/ All the world is new,/ And all the world is waiting/ To be introduced to you…” the book begins, with a picture of a couple holding their new little one, a tree and robin just outside the window. And what I really love is that older siblings are a part of this welcome too, and so Harriet gets to point to the picture of Big Kid and Baby playing trucks, and saying, “That’s me!” of the former, and so too with the picture of the siblings splashing in the paddling pool. It ends, “We’ll hold you close,/ And let you fly.” which is just perfect, and the whole trick of being a parent really. I look forward to reading this one over and over, and in delighting as new tiny hands learn to grasp its pages.

4 thoughts on “A Book for Baby's Library”

  1. Stuart says:

    Barbara Reid’s stuff is great.

  2. Genevieve says:

    Is the Big Kid in the book identified as a boy or girl? (Thinking about recommending this to a friend with a toddler boy, who is expecting a new baby).

    1. Kerry says:

      Would work for any family expecting a new little one, as a different family is represented on every page. Sometimes just a couple, sometimes grandparents, and a big brother and a big sister make a appearance. It’s really such a lovely book.

  3. Joan Clare says:

    Am placing an order for 3 copies today..the book sounds perfect!!!!

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