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March 17, 2013

Pickle Me This Golden Giveaway! The New Baby (Vintage!)

1948So all this Golden-mania started about a month ago when I discovered that my favourite book from childhood had been published in an earlier edition. I ordered a copy of the 1948 edition of The New Baby by Ruth and Harold Shane, and Eloise Wilkin (though it turned out to be a 1955 reprint, but close enough), but before it arrived, I received another copy from my Aunt in British Columbia who was quite excited that I was going on about a book that she’d had sitting on her shelf for years. So in the end, we’re left with two copies of The New Baby, and I’d love to give our extra one away to a Pickle Me This reader.

We’ll be keeping my Aunt’s book, with its inscription in my grandmother’s handwriting (and also because it has more pages/illustrations than the other copy, and features the bizarrrely hovering baby at the end). But the other book is still pretty good, featuring haggard, mumpish Aunt Pat with her chicken legs, the seemingly unpregnant Mommy who is due to deliver in days but must have fastened her girdle tight, and Daddy with his ever-present pipe. It’s a weird book, but kids don’t really seem to notice, or at least mine doesn’t.  If there is a new baby coming into your lives soon, this book might serve your family well, and even if there isn’t.

If you’d like to be entered in a draw to win our extra copy, just leave a comment on this post before the end of Friday March 22. Canadian addresses only please. We’ll pick a winner and I’ll pop it in the post next weekend. Because really, there is nothing better than books in the post, is there?

Update: Congratulations to Carrie, whose name was chosen by Harriet in a draw, fittingly picked out of a book bag from the Obsborne Collection of Children’s Books.

6 thoughts on “Pickle Me This Golden Giveaway! The New Baby (Vintage!)”

  1. I love this book too! And I have an old tattered copy that I read as I child. It looks a little different than yours. I also have another, maybe in that series, that was titled Let’s Help Daddy.
    Whenever I read it I marvel at how busy and efficient the dad is, with his pipe jammed in his mouth. But my dad did smoke a pipe, and he was very handy!
    Love the blog, if I win the book I will save it for my first grandchild!
    301 Route 970
    Baie Verte NB
    E4M 1N5

  2. Sabrina Miller says:

    I cannot believe that this book was published before the Little Golden Book edition! My parents gave a copy of it to me and my sister years ago when we were awaiting the third child in the family (it was a reprint). I wanted to give that copy to my 2 year old as we await the birth of her little sister, but it is gone from my mother’s bookshelf: most likely donated to a garage sale. Well, you know who would be reading it if I were the lucky recipient – my first daughter!
    We are in Montréal. I hope you don’t mind that I don’t leave my whole address in public. I would be happy to e-mail it to you. 🙂

  3. Sarah H says:

    I have Let’s Help Mommy! And the later version of New Baby, with the cherubic drawings.

  4. Caroline says:

    I want it! I remember his testicular knees…

  5. Alysia says:

    This is the book that I didn’t know I was missing until your initial post opened the memory bank (I had the 70s edition when my sister was born; the thrill of recognition that I felt upon finding the illustration of the brother gazing expectantly out the window is one of my earliest memories of literary pleasure). We welcomed our new baby ten months ago, but I think that my three-year-old will still appreciate a story told from the perspective of an older sibling. Also, of late our mailbox has held far too many fliers for couches, and far too few delightful books!

  6. Carrie says:

    Too late? I’ll add my name to the hat, please, even though we’ve got no new babies on the way.

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