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November 21, 2012

Scaredy Squirrel Gingerbread House (with a Building Permit)

Of everything we’ve ever received in the mail, the Scaredy Squirrel gingerbread house certainly takes the cake. It’s not just any gingerbread house kit, you see, because it comes with a building permit, and special instructions by Scaredy Squirrel on building the house right to code. Further, the gingerbread is completely delicious and has filled our entire house with the redolence of Christmas (already). Perhaps reminding us that there are only 30-some days left in which to come prepared for the holiday, and in accordance, we’ve also been equipped with the brand new Scaredy Squirrel book, Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas. With instructions to wear a hockey helmet (in case of falling ornaments), and to avoid candy canes (might shatter!!!).

The kit arrived yesterday, and Harriet insisted that we build it while her little friend Iole was visiting. It occurred to me at this point that 3 year-olds are far better are being agents of destruction than construction, and so this might be a terrible idea. It also made it quite possible that I’d end up swearing at Harriet in front of Iole’s mother.

Fortunately, the girls were very helpful, and we did the windows, and put the walls and roof up. I figured the instructions to wait overnight before decorating were only optional and we got started on that too, but then the house collapsed in on itself over and over again and I realized that maybe Scaredy Squirrel knew what he was talking about with his instructions. So we let the house dry, and Harriet finished decorating it this afternoon. We love it, and don’t know how long we can wait before we eat it– that smell! And the best thing is that I didn’t even swear once.






3 thoughts on “Scaredy Squirrel Gingerbread House (with a Building Permit)”

  1. Micaela says:

    This is AMAZING Kerry, Harriet (and Iole). You did a smash-up job. Love, all of us at KCP (and Scaredy too!)

  2. Meg Edwards says:

    I love to read your blog and get ideas for books to read. So often I find myself at the library wondering what I should read, or at home at night, picking up books like PD James or Alice Munro because I do not have a new book. And my classics do give me something to read at that moment, but I feel that I could be reading something new, so I am glad to read your blog for ideas.
    I have older kids and I am pleased and proud of you that you have pulled off your writing while having little kids and being pregnant. I tried but did not get too much accomplished. An article in Homemakers when my second baby was about 3 months old was my peak.
    I did not find I got much help to work from home (my husband was finishing his PhD so had pressures of his own) It is hard to write when all you can think of is how you should be making some money!
    Anyway, I am pleased for you although I had a wash of jealousy too, thinking, how does she do it? Why can’t I? I have less energy than I used to, it happens when you are almost 50 I guess, so I look at your life with empathy and a little nostalgia too.
    But that was not why I was writing you, blabbing about myself! I wanted to ask you where you found a Scaredy Squirrel prepares for Christmas with a Gingerbread house kit. I could not find that anywhere!
    Looks like you had fun! Last year I tried to make my own house – and it almost worked! We tried to decorate it before it was ready and it slowly collapsed during the afternoon. It looked like a demolition site later but my teenager son loved that and put action figures into the demo action, landing on their heads etc.
    Alright, that was a long short post. I love your postings and enjoy your blog

  3. Joan Clare says:

    Am proud dear, that you are cutting back on the swearing.

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