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June 21, 2012

The Girl Giant

Kristen den Hartog’s novel And Me Among Them was one of my favourite books of last year, and my admiration for its author was only intensified when I met her in November for an interview. It’s a quiet book but, like its protagonist, And Me Among Them has made an impact on the world– it was shortlisted for the 2012 Trillium Book Award, and was just awarded the Alberta Trade Fiction Book of the Year Award. And now it’s coming out in the United States published by Simon & Schuster with a new cover and a new title: The Girl Giant.

I met up with Kristen recently and she gave me a copy of the new book. It’s small and square and lovely, but I’ve already got my gorgeous edition from Freehand Books, so I’d like to pass on The Girl Giant to one of you. If you leave a comment below before the end of Sunday June 24 (my birthday!), your name will be entered in a draw and I’ll send the copy of the winner. Good luck, and thanks to Kristen, with congratulations too for all her book’s success.

Update: Congratulations to Deborah! I will be in touch.

12 thoughts on “The Girl Giant”

  1. Sara says:

    Happy Birthday, Kerry.
    Would love to read this book. – why haven’t I already? Sheer negligence!

  2. Deborah Black says:

    Happy Birthday, Kerry! I love your blog and your writing, your gift to other writers in all you do! I catalogued And Me Among Them at work this week – and I made a note of the title after dipping into it for a few free moments of work time! It is such a beautiful edition too! Lovely to hold too. I would love a copy of my own…or The Girl Giant newly published. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Sarah says:

    I’d love to win this book Kerry!! Happy happy day to you!

  4. theresa says:

    Oh, me too. I read this (a friend lent it me) and thought it was just wonderful. So rich and poignant and beautifully written.

  5. JC says:

    I’d love to be added to the draw too–what a nice idea.

  6. m says:

    Add me, too, please!

    And happy birthday! I hope you have a lot of cake, tea, and good mail.

  7. Kerry Ryan says:

    This book is on my Must Read Immediately list! I’m working on a manuscript of poems about a giant (male, historical) and I’m so curious to see how she has handled the subject from a female, contemporary perspective.

    But, more important: happy almost-your-birthday!

  8. Ooooh, can I be entered, too? I loved your interview with Kristen den Hartog, and this book is definitely on my list. If I win, I promise to provide you with a Toronto-based mailing address!

    I find it fascinating when a book get re-named and re-designed for different markets. I love to speculate about that process, and I’d be really curious to know what kind of input the author has, especially when it comes to the new name. Kristen, if you’re out there, can you comment? (Or do they swear you to secrecy, as part of The Process?)

    Happy birthday, Kerry. Though you know that you’re the one who is supposed to be getting the presents, right? That’s generally how the birthday thing works!

  9. Britt Leeking says:

    I’m leaving a comment for two reasons – a) so you know that I actually read your blog all the time and b) because I just forced myself to read Dave Eggers’ You Shall Know Our Velocity and it took me about 4 months to drag myself through it… and now I need a new book that I can actually sink my teeth into. And the Peterborough Library seems to have been picked clean. So you would actually be doing me a huge favour by giving me something wonderful to read. And… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xo

  10. Aidan says:

    Oh, I love a good book share! I’d love to read this one…and happy birthday to you!

  11. patricia says:

    Well, of course I’d love to win the book, but more importantly, I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I’m really very pleased that you’re here on this earth, doing such wonderful things.

  12. Carrie says:

    Happy birthday, Kerry! I’d love a copy of the book (though I feel I should really buy it!).
    Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful day.

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