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June 5, 2012

Library Owl

While I am quite familiar with the griffin and the lion flanking the entrance to the Lillian H. Smith Library, it was only today that I discovered the owl. It’s on the front of the building toward the west end, sort of hidden behind a sign on the sidewalk and I’d never noticed it before as I charged along the sidewalk, stroller in hand, hurrying home in time for lunch and nap-time. But Harriet has taken to walking, and as a result, our routes along the sidewalk have become much more meandering. Which is kind of annoying, but how brilliant when it yields a treasure. I have no doubt that wandering with Harriet will improve my city sight.

And just when I thought the Lillian H. Smith Library couldn’t be any more wonderful…

More: Joan Bodger and the Lillian H. Smith Library (see final paragraphs)

Catherine Raine visits the Lillian H. Smith Library

3 thoughts on “Library Owl”

  1. carin says:

    Oh, this is beautiful. Think of all the amazing discoveries those tiny legs will lead you to!

  2. Nico says:

    If you’re interested in Toronto grotesques, check out Terry Murray’s Faces on Places: A Grotesque Tour of Toronto. She highlights a number of gargoyles, greenmen, and other adornments on buildings around the city. It’s a neat book.

  3. Carrie says:

    I love that library — I almost convinced myself I wanted to do a doctorate in early children’s literature purely because I wanted the excuse to spend enormous amounts of time at that library …

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