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May 29, 2012

The Occasion is Lavender

I only bake when it’s a special occasion, but the problem is that I seem to unearth occasions daily. Today it’s that the lavender in the front garden is in glorious bloom. We snipped twelve sprigs, and then I set to bake lavender cupcakes, which I’ve always wanted to bake, so that’s another life goal accomplished. I used the recipe from Nigella Lawson’s How to Be a Domestic Goddess, which has proven a very poor instruction manual in my experience. All the measurements are in imperial and I don’t own a kitchen scale, so I have to guess the measurements and so I’ve never had a recipe from that book come out right. Though these lavender cupcakes turned out to be pretty damn acceptable. The flower is absolutely delicious. And though Harriet claims that she doesn’t like them, we’ll try her again tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “The Occasion is Lavender”

  1. John Schwab says:

    Wow! that looks really good. Nice pics and what a great colour. I still remember your delicious baked goods from our blogging class. I didn’t even know you could make cupcakes from flowers.

  2. Sara says:

    Very pretty! You might want to print out a chart to keep with your cookbook for future use. There are also sites online where you can use a conversion calculator.

  3. carin says:

    But they’e purple. Surely she will come to love them. Maybe best eaten with Maple Murple?

  4. theresa says:

    Oh, how lovely! I keep some dried lavender from my garden — maybe a tablespoon — in a jar of sugar. The sugar is delicious over sliced strawberries. If you don’t like the actual buds in your dessert, just use a little sieve to separate them from the sugar and put them back in the jar…

    1. Kerry says:

      I *love* the buds in my dessert. They’re delicious! And thanks for all the lavender support, people. Mable Murple indeed!

  5. Jennie says:

    They were delicious!

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