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September 25, 2011

Word on the Street: in the bookmobile!

Though it shames me to say it, we take Word on the Street a bit for granted in our family. Partly because the street in question is ten minutes down the street from our house, and also because we live and breathe books 365 days a year, and so it’s rare that a WOTS vendor can tell me something I don’t know already, or sell me something that I don’t want already. The second point being most important today, as after Eden Mills and the Vic Book sale, I’m all book-bought out. I have too many books, and I’ve spent a lot of money, plus I have a complex about visiting vendors’ booths at WOTS and not buying their wares. So I stayed back from the booths this year, and checked out some readings. Mostly just soaked up the vibe from the bookish crowd, and it was fantastic. We had a wonderful time, and the highlight was the Toronto Public Library Bookmobile, a marriage of Harriet’s two great loves of busses and books. It was the best, best bus we’ve ever boarded, and never has checking out books been more of a novelty. Almost as thrilling as when Harriet would meet Chirp about five minutes later. We had a wonderful afternoon.

One thought on “Word on the Street: in the bookmobile!”

  1. Mr, B says:

    I grew up in a newly-constructed suburban wasteland and weekly visits to the bookmobile were a wonderful escape. Once, when I was about nine years old, I opened a book up while at the bookmobile and found a $10 bill. I turned in the book and the money to the bookmobile librarian who commended me on my honesty. Every time I returned, she reminded me how I returned the money that I found. I had forgotten all about that until I read your post. Thanks!

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