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March 16, 2011

Three remarkable things

1) I’m quite excited about the YOSS Manifesto, which went live today on a spiffy new website rigged up by my favourite outfit, Create Me This. It’s a wonderful celebration of the short story form, and I couldn’t think of a better year to dedicate to short stories with so many stellar collections coming out.

2) My course is starting in a few weeks! Sign up for The Art and Business of Blogging at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. I am in the midst of planning, and things are turning out marvelously.

3) We’ve got a tie for the Canada Reads Independently popular poll. Somebody break it, please? Email me your top pick of this year’s selections (even if you haven’t read them all…).

4 thoughts on “Three remarkable things”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Am I allowed to vote for the only book I read? >.>

    (I have been a bad Canadian Indy reader…)

    1. Kerry says:

      Charlotte: YES! Please do.

      And Judy, YOSS has nothing to do with me, but truly the world is a better place for it. Very exciting!

  2. judy pollard smith says:

    YOSS is an idea that is a long time overdue! Good on you!

  3. Oh, dear: I am finding it remarkably hard to choose this year. (Was it simpler last year, or was it just a case of my blocking the painful process from my reader’s memory?) Nonetheless, I’m going through my notes and quotes and I’ll force myself to sort it out…

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