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September 14, 2010

Live and Learn

Though Chatelaine and I are still on the outs (really, Chatelaine? an excerpt from Mini-Shopaholic? Do you know me at all?), from the feature “Live and Learn” in the October 2010 issue, I got a inkling of what the magazine might be like were it actually good. Jan Wong on losing her job, depression and having her world turned upside down in her 50s, and what that experience taught her; Catherine Gildiner on her 60s (“I realized life should not have to be proved, but lived”); wise words from Lauren Kirshner from her 20s (“be a messy work-in-progress”), and then Lisa Moore’s piece, oh my. I am going to cut it out and hang it on the refrigerator that will become the rest of my life. A tidbit, though you really have to go read the whole thing: “Trust everyone. Everyone behaves better when they feel trusted. Nobody wins a fight; the trick is to behave decently no matter what. The trick is to make love a lot. And think of it as making love.”

3 thoughts on “Live and Learn”

  1. Nathalie says:

    I miss Katrina Onstad….

  2. I gave Chatelaine to my SIL when she moved to Canada, and almost immediately regretted it. Maybe there is hope. I’m picking up this edition after your good words.

    1. Kerry says:

      Well, don’t expect too much. There is a craft project “in ten minutes” that involves turning over a vase to make it a table.

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