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May 6, 2010

Which means I've turned into the dad from Finnie Walsh

I am now reading Bugs and the Victorians, which is non-fiction, which means that I’ve turned into the dad from Finnie Walsh when he compulsively read the entirety of National Geographic and ‘began to start all his sentences with, “Did you know…” Invariably the sentence would end with an obscure fact somewhere between very and not at all interesting… Whether or not you knew, and whether or not you even answered, his response was always the same: “How about that! Who would have guessed?”

Hopefully this won’t reach the same level as with my Guns, Germs and Steel reading from a few years back. I’ve never been more boring, but then, did you even know that zebras are incapable of domestication, and the impact of this upon African agriculture in contrast to places that had the horse?

2 thoughts on “Which means I've turned into the dad from Finnie Walsh”

  1. patricia says:

    Oh dear, you are starting to sound just like my husband. Just about every day of my married life has begun with, “Did you know…”

  2. Hee. I have Guns, Germs and Steel on my Must-Reads list for 2010: I’ve just had a glimpse of my future.

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