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January 15, 2010

i hated wolf hall is it me

I could write a post every day of strange internet search terms that bring folks to Pickle Me This. I don’t do this every day, however, because it’s lame, easy, and gets old fast. These terms are sometimes educational though– it’s only through my stats I realized that people are really interested in Leah McLaren’s marital status and in Burmese sex. But could you please indulge me this one day? This one day in which people arrived searching for “masterful literary blogs” (oh, and have you ever arrived!), “i got an incident report at work how bad is it”, and my very favourite (do you think they found what they were looking for?) “i hated wolf hall is it me” (and I doubt it).

2 thoughts on “i hated wolf hall is it me”

  1. charlotteashley says:

    Oh man. People get redirected to my site off the ODDEST things. Today's winner: "How to become a formidable woman".

    It's always gratifying when someone actually searches for ME, though.

  2. Kerry says:

    I just love the way people seem to be seeking counselling through google. Like, "I'm lost and alone what should I do" and no doubt people use punctuation in their search terms but they're expunged in my statistics and it makes it even funnier. As well as a bit sad, if I ever start to think that these are actual people and not just statistics, but alas…

    Also, I would like to become a formidable woman.

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