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September 14, 2009

Pirates and Penguins, oh my!

Yesterday, our wee family attended the launch of Patricia Storms‘ book The Pirate and the Penguin at the magnificent Yorkville Public Library. It was not actually Harriet’s first literary event, as she’d attended Coach House Press’s Wayzgoose Party the week before, but it was her first launch, and the first time she’d sat down for a public reading. She was spoiled by Patricia, I think, who had an actual pirate on hand for the occasion, and was kind enough to pose for a picture with us. Her reading was excellent, and held even Harriet’s three and a half month-old attention span. Afterwards, Stuart and I had shared a slice of cake, which Harriet inadvertantly stuck her hand in.

We loved the book, from each one of its delightful map-illustrated inside covers to the other. Now, I’ve never really *got* pirates myself, except Somali ones– I don’t understand why International Talk Like a Pirate Day is funny, for example. But I’ve been a big fan of penguins going back yonks, and I like alliteration at the best of times. The story was funny, and sweet, and I especially liked its references to knitting and yoga. Patricia has been illustrating really wonderful books for a long time, and we’re so excited that she’s finally written her own!

4 thoughts on “Pirates and Penguins, oh my!”

  1. patricia says:

    Great photo! Thanks so much for coming. Harriet is adorable. I bet it must have felt kinda neat squishing one's hand in the cake. But personally, I preferred eat it!

  2. Randy Banderob says:

    Oh c'mon! Bats! In hats! Bacon! Cake! This rhyme has everything! It reminds me of something Maurice Sendak would illustrate.

  3. Randy Banderob says:

    well that's embarrassing . . . I posted under the wrong article.

  4. Kerry says:

    I wouldn't worry about it. And I really don't think Maurice would stoop so low. Perhaps the premise is something, but the rhyme falls apart. I fear he IS mistaken.

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