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August 19, 2009

Breaking up is never easy, I know.

Now reading Swimming by Nicola Keegan, which wasn’t at all what I expected, which is probably a fine thing. I’m also reading the latest issue of The New Quarterly, which is more than I expected, which is an amazing thing. Its contents are so diverse, surprising, current and consistently excellent. I’m not sure if it’s wrong of me to say it’s more “magazine” than “journal”. And not because it’s less high-brow, but just because it’s interesting. I also just broke up with a trashy novel I was expecting to love and tell you all about, but it was crap, or at least its first 124 pages were, and life is just too short to find out if the rest of it is better.

3 thoughts on “Breaking up is never easy, I know.”

  1. Steven W. Beattie says:

    Books don't suddenly get good on page 125, so fear not. (Although, many books that start out well crap out long before that point.)

  2. Rosalynn says:

    Thanks for kudos and link! It IS a great issue, though I do say so myself, and frankly, I much prefer 'magazine' to 'journal'. It's like 'Fall' versus 'Autumn' — sounds a little more down to earth. By the way, I'm happy and amazed you're keeping up the blog now that you've got little Harriet in your life — kudos to you!

  3. Kerry says:

    SWB, that is a very good point. The fear is gone. And thank YOU Rosalynn. Thank kind of encouragement means a great deal.

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