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May 10, 2009

The Immovable Baby

Though we love our own mothers dearly, continental drift and late-pregnancy laziness meant they were sorely neglected today as Stuart and I enjoyed Afternoon Tea together, a Mother’s Day treat for me though I’m not quite a mother yet. I did earn a bit of mother cred yesterday, however, when a doctor spent twenty minutes or so inflicting great pain upon my abdomen in an attempt to get our determinedly sideways baby to turn. (All reports say I was very brave! and then after I got Dairy Queen). Baby didn’t budge, however, and I’ve got to respect that. And now, after about six weeks of trying to get Baby to move through a variety of means, I’m giving up. I was very much committed to having a natural birth, but this baby is very naturally sideways, and I’m just pleased it has a means to still get here safely. I could spend the next two weeks resorting to further measures, but I don’t think they’d work, and I’m also really tired. I am finished work now, and my sanity will be much more assured if I can spend this time relaxing, planting flowers in my garden, reading novels, writing while I still can, preparing food for the freezer, stocking the pantry, and taking plenty of naps. (This will also give me time to sew reusable baby wipes, which I have somehow been possessed to accomplish, even though I don’t know how to sew. It is unfortunate my “nesting” instinct has taken on such inconvenient forms.)

And who knows, Baby might turn on its own anyway? But short of that, and providing Baby doesn’t decide to come earlier, we are excited to know we will meet the wee one on the morning of May 26th. I’m not looking forward to a cesarean, which certainly wasn’t what I’d envisaged, and in fact I am very scared and upset by the idea of a long recovery when I’ll need my strength more than ever. But so many others have done it fine, we have a lot of support, and I am very fortunate that a) I’ve now met the surgeon and I love him and b) my midwives will be there to take care of the baby and me, and provide after-care (I love them too).

From our prenatal class manual: “Cesarean mothers… are courageous women who are willing to be cut apart for the lives of their infants. Perhaps it is time to congratulate yourself for your strength and courage.”

6 thoughts on “The Immovable Baby”

  1. Rebecca Rosenblum says:

    I am sorry to hear about the C, but you are healthy and strong and well-looked-after, which is the best place to be for any such surgery! May 26 is an elegant birthdate, and I look forward to celebrating it with your filled-out family very soon!

  2. charlotteashley says:

    My wee one was sideways up until labour, and “rolled over” during delivery – no C needed. Actually, my doctor never even suggested it. I thought that was mainly for breech (upside down) births?

    Sometimes I wonder how women ever managed to have babies before 1950.

  3. Kerry says:

    I mean that Baby is lying sideways across the womb, (transverse lie) which is even harder to get out than a breech babe. So cesarean is really the only option, unless Baby turns on its own (and my fingers are still crossed!).

  4. meli-mello says:

    This sounds much like the post I had to write. I was so against a C but when I resigned myself I let all the negativity go and just got on with my life. And as you know, Moira arrived fine, I recovered and, as many people tell me, she has a beautifully shaped head. I’ll still send wishes your way that the baby turns but you’ll go great no matter what.

  5. Amy Lavender Harris says:

    I never thought about c-sections — hadn't even gotten as far as thinking about the birth — when ours decided she wanted to meet everyone five weeks early. Various emergencies necessitated a c-section, but it wasn't the nightmare it is often made out to be. Little pain, quick recovery and a lovely & healthy child. Here's hoping yours will turn out the same, and very best wishes to all of you!!

  6. Kerry says:

    Thanks so much for encouraging words from those of you who’ve been there. It means more than you know (or perhaps you do know… Thank you nevertheless).

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