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May 7, 2009

Please bear

This would be a blog entry, but I am too fixated on cloth diaper brands and securing my next serving of ice cream. Plus everything I do these days seems to proceed in a most dilatory fashion. For example, I’ve been writing this for twenty minutes. Please bear with us, and thank you.

4 thoughts on “Please bear”

  1. Rachel Power says:

    Good on you for going the cloth!! Though I have to admit I used a nappy-washing service after a while for my first baby. And by baby number 2 I was resorting to biodegradable disposables. That said, there weren’t all the amazing eco-friendly options around then that there are now. A good example of how much can change in 7 short years when consumers demand it!

  2. meli-mello says:

    I was obsessed with the cloth diaper research too (as you know). All my posts the two months leading up to Moira’s birth were written in the middle of the night because that was – sadly – when I was most awake. Everyone understands. 🙂

  3. Kerry says:

    I got really sick of being fixated, so we just bought a Bummis starter kit so I could stop. We have g-diapers for outings. And Seventh Generation diapers for the first week or so. Though I’m hoping baby will come out knowing how to use the toilet. We are confused about why we’re getting a new roommate who can’t control its bowels. Though I imagine it will make sense when I hold that little one for the first time…

  4. meli-mello says:

    So true! I think they should all be born with the ability to blow their nose too – and if you will excuse me I have to go “torture” Moira by wiping her nose for the 100th time today.

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