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April 15, 2009

Any day now

For about seven months, people liked to tell me, “You don’t look pregnant,” which I found deeply irritating and kind of perplexing to address. I don’t think I’d want to go back to that one, but neither am I too fond of the current comment, which is, “Any day now!” Because, well, no. Though perhaps in about forty days now, though probably more. My baby bump has ceased to be cute, and I am beginning to look into the mirror with considerable fright, and who knows what the effect will be forty days from now. I could also do with fewer strangers telling me I look “heavy” in the shower at the gym.

Nevertheless, I am excited. Our very good friends had a little girl two weeks ago, which served to make the connection clear, that pregnancy is a means to a miraculous end, for I often forget it’s not an end in itself. And our baby is moving around all the time, so that I feel like I’m getting to know it. Though yesterday I also got to know that baby is lying sideways, so we have to do everything possible during the next two weeks to get that baby upside down. I vote for turning somersaults in the pool, and hope it does the trick.

The biggest news, however, is that the baby’s blanket is done. I started knitting it back in November, before I could acknowledge the baby in any other way, out of fear that wanting too much was unlucky. It’s only been very recently that I’ve been able to start preparing, and indeed now the baby’s nursery is ready(ish). But in November, all I could do was knit, which made me feel that at least I was preparing in some way. The blanket coming together perfectly, with no mistakes, which is previously been unheard of in a project by me. The blanket is beautiful, so soft and warm, and I can’t wait to meet the little person who will be wrapped inside it.

5 thoughts on “Any day now”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The blanket is SO gorgeous…looks so warm and cozy. As well, it is like that blanket is the ying to baby’s yang 🙂
    Good luck turning the baby around ~

  2. meli-mello says:

    I hear ya! My neighbours didn’t even know I was pregnant – they saw me walking out of my friends apartment holding Moira when she was 3 weeks old and said “where did that come from? That isn’t yours is it?” I can’t believe they didn’t see me waddling past their house every day for months. Of course, it was winter(ish) so I guess I was heavily layered. Still, my belly was knocking over things by the end so I definitely looked pregnant.

    I made a blanket too but I hate it now – wish I had made that one, it is a lot nicer looking.

    I’m getting excited to “meet” your little one!

  3. Curtis says:

    You’re looking beautiful Kerry, can’t wait to see you guys and the little one in June

  4. Stu says:

    You are looking wonderful.

  5. Kerry says:

    Thank you, everyone. The enormousness isn’t bothering me too much, as it’s for such a worthy cause.

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