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November 24, 2008

Birthday Love

I’ve spent the past three month in a pregnant napping stupor, standing up friends, missing out on events and generally ensuring I was in bed by nine every night. Also staying in bed as long as possible in the mornings and napping through my lunch. As I move into my second trimester, however, there begins to be some light. You’ll not have seen any evidence of it here though, as I’ve spent the last two weeks writing for deadlines and working very hard, in addition to my day job (where I work less hard, but it still takes up time). Going forward, I expect to have a little more time free and you can expect to see some content up here more than once in a while!

This past weekend’s excuse was a good one though, as I spent it celebrating my beloved Stuart’s birthday. Now I’m up for celebrating Stuart at any time, but a special weekend set aside for him couldn’t be more deserved. We had a house full of friends over last night who felt similarly, and it was a wonderful time– I stayed up until 1:00, which is now the beginning of the second middle of the night in my new life. Never mind I could hardly stand or talk, I was there till the end. It was fabulous, if just a little crowded. We’ve spent today eating the leftover dips and crackers and cheese (and cake!), as well as taking in some brunch and spending a couple of hours at the ROM this afternoon (we recommend the Unbuilt Toronto exhibition).

So happy birthday to Stuart, who is my every dream come true. My partner on all my best adventures and on the most exciting still to come. Every year I marvel as what you’ve accomplished for yourself and for us, and I always know how lucky I am.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Love”

  1. Leah says:

    So so many congratulations to you (and Stuart)…such exciting, marvelous news!

    You look lovely and so incredibly happy, and I’m so(so)(so) happy for you.

  2. The Chapati Kid says:

    This is just wonderful news, Kerry! I wasn’t sure what those wonderful things were that you’ve been hinting at… and I was eager for the revelations, and I’m thrilled to hear about this. I think I might have to learn how to knit, just for you.

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