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April 11, 2008

A room of one's own

The New House tour continues, and now I take you to my garret. For yes, it is true– I have a garret. Actually the tail end of a very long strange half-gable off our bedroom, through a secret door in the wall. (What quirks have old houses with dubious renovations of yore!)

We use this long strange room as our closet, which contains two dressers, a long rack of hanging clothes, and a whole mess of things like Christmas lights and suitcases, things you’d expect to find in an attic. And in late February when we saw the apartment for ten minutes and decided to make our home here, I didn’t realize how big this room was. Didn’t consider that it could possibly accommodate my desk and a bookshelf, but it does.

My husband was a wee bit disconcerted at the idea of me setting up shop in the back of the closet, but this is not just any closet, and it has a window. And there wouldn’t have been room downstairs for the bookshelves and both our desks (for he requires a desk too, of course, being a brilliant graphic designer). It’s not much to look at, I know, but it’s mine, and really I’m just fond of saying “my garret.” I think I’ve wanted one forever without even knowing it.

(And if anyone’s asking, I’m now reading A Week of This by Nathan Whitlock, and The Myth of the Simple Machines by Laurel Snyder.)

5 thoughts on “A room of one's own”

  1. Anne C. says:

    I want a garret!

  2. Soojin says:

    this is too wonderful.
    i do believe that a garret officially makes you a bona fide artist–not that you weren’t one before your garret found its way into your life.
    (hurray for windows in unexpected places.)

  3. Kate S. says:

    How wonderful to have a garret of your own! It’s a romantic notion, I know, but I’ve always believed that slanted ceilings are good for writing.

  4. patricia says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations. We’ve got those slanted ceilings in our house, too. I agree with Kate – there’s something rather romantic and ‘other worldy’ about working in rooms with slanted ceilings and old-fashioned windows.

  5. Kerry says:

    Bona-Fide! How exciting. I do love it here, and I hope the ceilings cast their spell.

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