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April 6, 2008

Have a seat

Welcome to our new living room. I apologize for not offering the sofa, but I had to sit on it to take this picture, as I wanted a shot of the fireplace, and our huge windows (there are three, which have blinds now! How exciting). We are officially unpacked, and have been entertaining friends all weekend– friends who’ve dropped by with flowers, baked goods, cupcakes, a strawberry slicer, and cheese. Clearly we are very lucky people. Real life has also returned, which is splendid. As has spring– unbelievable. People in this city don’t miss a beat with that spring thing– today people were out riding bikes, drinking on patios, smiling, walking, looking startled and pleased by their good fortune. We did our part tonight by having the first barbeque of the season, christening our new deck and paving the way for a marvelous summer ahead.

3 thoughts on “Have a seat”

  1. Kate S. says:

    Hooray for your new home! Both windows and fireplace are highly enviable. And how wonderful to think of you filling all the new shelves with books. Don’t books transform an unfamiliar place into home awfully quickly?

  2. Kerry says:

    Thank you for hooray. The books are definitely essential to home, and so nice to know that my library has so much room to breathe (and to grow!)

  3. patricia says:

    Yes, I took one look at that brick fireplace, and suddenly became very envious. It looks so cosy!

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