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February 6, 2008

Spiced Up

It was almost as exciting as when Backstreet was back, except it was the Spice Girls, who we used to go to high school parties dressed as in 1997, refusing to break from our Spice personas. There is also a lingering memory of dancing on cafeteria tables, but we turn away from that. I was Ginger, and last night Baby and I attended the Spice Girls’ second sold out show in Toronto. Scary would have come, but she thought she’d be on a business trip to the Cayman Islands, but it turned out she was only home with a throat plague. We missed her, and we also missed Posh (who I haven’t actually seen for ten years) and Sporty (who is currently working at the South Pole).

And it was fun– we were on our feet dancing and singing for the show’s entirety, I’m hoarse today. “Wannabe” was the encore, and that one would have to get with our friends in order to be our lovers is as true as it ever was– just ask our lovers. Arms waving at “Viva Forever” and “Goodbye”– “look for the rainbow in every storm.” “Mama” brought tears to my eyes– how much additional meaning the years have brought it. The Spice Girls in real life, and they can really sing. Interestingly, though, they are about as good as I am at dancing. All a wee bit perfunctory, but what did one expect?

The downside was the absence of our Spice comrades (friendship never ending, and all), and that everybody there was fifteen. Then I got upset because all the fifteen year olds were way prettier than me, and had perfectly straight hair, and Baby and I were both cranky, and tired after all day at the office, and I was wearing winter boots, and we had headaches, and kept yawning, and even though she holds the group together, why doesn’t Mel C. get the credit she deserves? I also couldn’t stop thinking about Eddie Murphy, and that I am way too lame to go out on weeknights.

One thought on “Spiced Up”

  1. Anonymous says:

    way to go spice girls…don’t forget they will always be older than you are…so if they can do can you….Baby Spices Mom

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