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January 21, 2008

This Little Golden Book belongs to…

I read a review today of a wonderful-sounding book called Golden Legacy. Which set me awash in nostalgia; my favourite Little Golden Book remains We Help Mommy, for reasons which probably have more to do with said nostalgia than literary merit (or the lessons it imparted, which seem to have been minimal). Though there is literary merit, and the illustrations are beautiful. All of this led me to the Little Golden Books website, which tells their story. They were treasures of my childhood, these books. I remember spending ages studying the characters populating the little train on the back of the book, lining up the shiny spines, and the “This Little Golden Book belongs to:” label on the inside cover: here was a book and it was mine!

4 thoughts on “This Little Golden Book belongs to…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Of all of the Golden books and other treasures I kept from my childhood and have now brought out of storage for my three year old boys, “We Help Mommy” has been one of the most popular ones for being chosen as a bedtime story. I still haven’t decided whether they are attracted to the sweet illustrations or the fact that the children get to use such cool things such as brooms & vacuums. 🙂
    Melissa – the other unnamed Mrs. L

  2. Kerry says:

    Mrs. L-
    I like Martha’s tiny clothesline. I also like that they got to bake pies for their daddy– I never baked pies when I was that small. Brilliant to know that “We Help Mommy” still has appeal. And very nice to hear from you.
    Mrs. L.

  3. Anne C. says:

    Oh, my kids read that, too!

  4. Leah says:

    Oh my goodness, reading the comment about the little clothesline and pies brought it all back to me! Wonderful book, and oddly (and wonderfully) enough, it was one of my favorite Little Goldens, too.

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