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November 9, 2007

To hell with all that book stuff

There are some people, I realize, who visit Pickle Me This for reasons less than literary. In the emailed words of my Scottish friend Julie, “I just scroll down the blog for pictures. Haa! To hell with all that book stuff!” But lately, you see, nothing else but bookishness ever happens. Or almost nothing, except for my job, but trust me you’d rather hear about the books.

But for the sake of those patient readers who couldn’t care less about endpapers, I will tell you that we had Persian food Wednesday night. At Pomegranate, and how wonderful it was to taste flavours completely new. That we haven’t seen our naked downstairs neighbour since the night of the fiasco. I am obsessed with Kerry Katona and the Iceland adverts. I like Robyn. The cardigan I am knitting just seems a wee bit small. Stuart and I already have plans every weekend until Christmas. That I’ve not had enough to drink lately, and I’ve really got to do something about that. I watched Knocked Up recently, and absolutely loved it. I watched High Fidelity recently too, and can’t believe I ever found it charming. It apparently snowed in Toronto today, but I did not see evidence of it. I have a new little black dress from Jacob to see me through the holiday season, the loveliest thing I own, and it wasn’t even on sale. Bliss.

2 thoughts on “To hell with all that book stuff”

  1. Steph says:

    Kerry, you *have* to link to the particular dress. We wanna see it!

  2. Kerry says:

    Oh believe me I would link if I could, but the Jacob website is quite poor. I promise to post a link of me in it when the time arrives, looking foxy and not bookish in the slightest (it’ll be like Halloween!)

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