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October 28, 2007

Sunday Tea

I’m quite proud of the party we held this afternoon, which was a very well-attended tea party with dear and lovely friends. Many of you might know I’ve got a thing for tea and scones, and it was my desire to share my passion with the world. And so this morning I whipped up eight batches of dough which baked throughout the afternoon. The kettle ever-brewing and the smell of scones in the air. I’d baked two cakes in case anybody came who didn’t like scones, but there was no such person. I’d managed to find Devonshire cream at the grocery store, defrosted the strawberry jam I made in June, and I said I would buy the flowers myself. The scones– we had pumpkin scones (with pumpkin butter), banana scones, blueberry and plain– were coming out of the oven all afternoon. I made too many, which was the world’s best tragedy. Our house was full of brilliant people and their brilliant conversation, and I did so enjoy myself. I also managed to spend a day eating nothing but scones, which is nothing short of a dream come true.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Tea”

  1. hip_ragdoll says:

    How delightful! Is scone baking hard?

  2. Beth says:

    Sounds like it was a little bit of “English” heaven. I love scones.

  3. Kerry says:

    Scones are *really* easy. No one ever believes me, but it’s true. I found my recipes for pumpkin scones here: and they were very very good. I recommend. And yes, it was a delightful afternoon.

  4. Lotus Reads says:

    Wow, your tea looks and sounds wonderful! Some Sundays, when I feel the need for a special treat I take the kids to “Terracotta Inn” in Georgetown for a delicious tea, mmmmm! There’s also a nice place in the Beaches area that serves High Tea, I think they’re called “La Tea Dah”

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