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April 27, 2007

Persephone Books

A recent reference by Maud Newton and another by dovergreyreader scribbles was enough to pique my interest in Persephone Books. Persephone Books are “revived” twentieth century novels, usually by women writers, and often now-forgotten texts. With their look they appear to be as branded as Penguins (a good thing), and absolutely lovely. And it perfectly breaks my heart that I don’t live in England, and nor will we be in London when we go in June so that I can pop into the shop and just pick up one, two, or ten. But then again I’ll get there someday, and it’s nice to know that such a lovely thing exists.

3 thoughts on “Persephone Books”

  1. claz says:

    hi kezzer,
    persephone books are literally around the corner from my house – a 30 second walk. it’s not the same as a good old browse – but i would happily send you anything you wanted. it would be very 24 charing cross road-ish (hope you catch that reference)

  2. Kerry says:

    I didn’t get the ref. Am I totally rubbish? Though investigation revealed it was 84 Charing Cross, which didn’t make it any more familiar. (24 is an Italian restaurant.) But now I am intrigued– is it the movie you know? Should I watch it? There’s a book too… Isn’t there always?

    Oh, and I envy you your proximity. Sadly it’s not so much geography as enconomy which keeps me from Persephone Books (one can order online!). But I appreciate the offer, and if ever there comes a book I can’t live without, I may enlist your services.


  3. ccgeds says:

    oh how embarassing! 84 charing cross road is a brilliant book – it’s a compilation of letters between a bookstore owner and an american writer obsessed with english lit. i love love love it but in my hangover still managed to get the title wrong… movie with anthony hopkins and anne bancroft x

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