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April 15, 2007

News of the world

I read so many interesting stories in the news this weekend! Our national paper in particular, I thought, was rife with goodness. I value preposterousity in a woman, which is why I enjoy reading Margaret Wente even when she’s wrong, but this time I thought she was right on the mark about Belinda Stronach. How brilliant were Susan Swan’s Tips for Stephen Harper, emerging writer? This wonderful interview with Michael Ondaatje. Yann Martel wants to know what is stephen harper reading? I liked Laura Penny’s column on idiot media. Across the sea, Jodi Picoult is profiled. What writers need to write (Douglas Coupland says chocolate). Most importantly India Knight on the royal break-up.

2 thoughts on “News of the world”

  1. patricia says:

    I felt exactly the same, reading Wente, who usually really bugs my ass. But she is so right about Belinda. Ms. Stronach is not a woman that we should admire and aspire to be like, in any way. What is so wonderful about being a serial quitter? There are so many other women out there who have truly accomplished great things in there lives. I really do hope that our newspapers will not waste their precious space on the comings and goings of Belinda, and rather will focus on women of merit, but, I have my doubts…

    (Sorry for the rant, but this topic kinda really got to me)

  2. Kerry says:

    I feel a little guilty whenever I agree with with Wente, and wonder if it could be a sign of the apocolypse. Your “rant”, however, is much appreciated.

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