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January 18, 2007

How I wasted my time today (and what I learned in the process!)

Productive mornings never make for productive afternoons, but I guess I’m just grateful for my morning. Nevertheless, I’ve still received quite an education today.

All right, we begin with the lyric “Love of my life, you are all I’ve ever wanted”, which has been running through my head for years now. Where from? I consult the Great God Goog. And after much searching (and I realize it’s “you are all I ever wanted”), I discover I’ve been fixated by “Dream Come True” by Canadian Rock Mullets, “Frozen Ghost”. Of course! “I’ve been waited my whole life for you, you’re my dream come true.” Further investigation reveals that half of “Frozen Ghost” was the early eighties band “Sheriff”, which had a hit with legendary power ballad, “When I’m With You”. And more research unearths the fact that the other half of “Sheriff” went on to be “Alias”, which soared to the top of the power ballad heights with “More Than Words (Can Say)”. Which explains so much: mostly why “Dream Come True”, “When I’m With You” and “More Than Words (Can Say)” sound like the exact same song. Who knew? I mean, other than the Great God Goog.

And so then I head over to Youtube (as you do), hoping to hear a bit of Sheriff. and I discover there is someone whose hobby is using clips from Three’s Company to make Jack and Janet Love Videos, set to beautiful music (like Sheriff and REO Speedwagon!). As far as I know, Jack and Janet never got together, which must cause this individual particular regret.

How absolutely fascinating. So I’m learning all the livelong day.

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